"How To Go From Overworked, Unfulfilled, & Chained To Your 9 To 5, To Turning Your Life Mission Into A Soulful Business, Breaking Free From The Rat Race & Travelling The World As A Digital Nomad... In Less Than 6 Months"

Even If You Have No Business Experience, No Audience, And No Idea What Your Purpose Is

I'm Ready To To Step Into My Purpose!


Julia & Stef

  • We help lightworkers, healers and coaches birth the online business of their dreams
  • We are 6-figure spiritual entrepreneurs and founders of Twin Flame Guides, The Spirit Nomad and How To Lucid
  • We are full-time digital nomads and have traveled to 50+ countries and this is all thanks to our online businesses

Today we reveal the exact system that got us here.

This could be your blog revenue and Youtube channel if you follow our system:

Just imagine...

  • You wake up every day and you're excited to work (this is because your purpose is your soul's greatest joy!)
  • You've manifested abundance for yourself and your family, while helping humanity at the same time
  • You can take months off work, traveling to exotic destinations because your content brings in revenue on autopilot

However, working for yourself is about so much more than being able to work from exotic places.

You are taking charge of your life and living it on YOUR terms. Instead of just putting in time helping somebody else fulfill their dream, you are putting in your heart and your energy too.

Working for yourself is the best way to grow as a soul and make your big mark on the planet.

The moment I decided to leave the rat race

I was stuck for years in dead-end office jobs working in digital marketing.

I would work the whole day, drive home, make dinner, watch Netflix, sleep and repeat.

I was miserable, but I thought that when I fulfill my dream of getting a job at Google I will be happy.

After climbing the corporate ladder for years I finally landed a job at Google, and I was over the moon.

FINALLY I will be happy.

Or so I thought.

It was a beautiful office, but again it was the same life – work all day, drive home, make dinner, watch Netflix, sleep and repeat.

No freedom to travel or decide my own schedule, and most importantly – I didn’t feel FULFILLED.

I wanted to feel passionate about my work and make a difference in the world.

My soul was screaming:


 So I quit.

Being my own boss and a digital nomad has allowed me to create a life that most people dream of. 

"Nomad Freedom Academy Is THE Most Comprehensive Program For Turning Your Purpose And Gifts Into A Soulful Online Business That Your Soul And Market Crave."

Here's what you'll learn inside Nomad Freedom Academy...

Learn how to release limiting beliefs and develop an abundance mindset, so that you can shift out of scarcity and start co-creating your business with the Universe.

  • We finally reveal our secret high-vibe morning routine that uses the law of attraction to manifests your dream business fast
  • Develop unshakable motivation and action-taking with 2 powerful (and surprising) tools
  • Learn the most important exercise to get clear on your dreams and goals, so you no longer feel confused and lost and can attract your dream biz faster

Learn how to create specific types of content that have a long life span. So you can make content around topics you love and once you’ve made it once, you’ll get passive income from it for years to come.

  • How to create a brand you are truly proud of and attracts your soulmate clients
  • Learn how to structure your channels and content so you capture the attention of your ideal audience
  • We reveal the exact formula we use to rank our blog posts on the first page of Google and Youtube

We help you build passive income online, so that you no longer have to rely on working for someone else or living paycheck to paycheck. We do this with a combination of ads, course sales, affiliate marketing and more.

  • Create an irresistible lead magnet to attract your dream clients into your funnel
  • Learn how to make multiple streams of affiliate income in an easy and soul-aligned way
  • Create your flagship online program your soulmate clients can't wait to enroll in
  • Learn the framework of powerful enrollment

We teach you how to embrace the nomadic lifestyle so that you can save money, travel freely and experience more freedom, if you want to. You could also just work from your home, a hotel, or anywhere really.

  • How to get organized and increase your productivity so you can say goodbye to overwhelm and burnout
  • The travel hacks we wish we knew before becoming digital nomads
  • How to scale your business to achieve the coveted 4-hour workweek (yes, it is possible!)

I KNOW You've Felt It... 

You are not here just here to get the job, get the car, get the house and one day finally retire.

You feel there is more to life.

You have a big mission in this life. You came here to make the world a better place with your unique energy and gifts.

And it’s no coincidence that you found this page.

The Universe is pushing you to take ACTION and step into your life mission now.

“If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to build theirs.”
— Tony Gaskins

Whether you’re dreaming of travelling the world as a digital nomad, or just be able to work from your home in your PJs, I would be delighted to help you on this journey.

"I'm living my dream now"

“Working with Julia is super inspiring, fun and productive. Julia is a highly driven coach that really engages in her clients. She is very warm, personal and a good listener.

I have only been working with Julia since this Summer, but she has already motivated me to make some life-changing decisions. She pushed me to challenge my biggest fears and she has given me the courage to do so.

I’m living my dream now, I’m happier than in a long time and I have a lot of that to thank Julia for.

I feel like Julia has a real gift and talent to see people and lead them hand in hand towards their passions and biggest dreams.”

Mirja Lakso

Award-winning blogger and human rights activist

Bonus 1 - Business coaching session

($997 value) 

You get a 90 min coaching session over Zoom when you have graduated, to discuss your business, any obstacles you are facing and get an action plan on how to take your business to the next level of abundant growth.

Bonus 2 - 4 months of email coaching

($1297 value)

I'll be your biz mentor for the first 4 months after signing up. Just email over any questions and obstacles you have regarding your online business as you're going through the video course and I'll reply the same week with my advice. 

Bonus 3 - Raise Your Frequency To Attract Your Dream Life 

($97 value)

This mini-course consists of 6 binaural beats tracks to raise your vibrations and help you manifest faster, 11 affirmations for self-love and an e-book where you will learn:

  • How and why you should create a ‘positive energy immersion’ environment in your house and life, and what a HUGE difference it will make to how you feel (negative thoughts literally can’t survive in these conditions)
  • The best 5 type of exercises for raising your frequency and manifestation powers
  • The one essential supplement you need to take in order to supercharge your diet and feel better in all areas of your life 
  • The ultimate guide to improving your sleep so you can wake up feeling peaceful and refreshed.
  • The 5 worst “vibration killer” stimulants and why you should avoid them

Bonus 4 - Recorded Live Masterclasses and Q&A

($497 value)

The first 6 months after the program launched, there was a weekly live masterclass on Facebook where we went deeper with advanced strategies of the topics mindset, content creation, monetize your content and nomad life mastery. If you join today you can replay them all!

Bonus 5 - Exclusive Community

($257 value)

When you join today you get access to our community, only available for members of Nomad Freedom Academy. Ask questions, share your obstacles and wins. Get support from me and students further along on the program.

Bonus 6 - Cubicle to Digital Nomad

($67 value)

In this e-book you'll learn:

  • Identify your passions as well as your soft and hard skills, so you don’t end up choosing a path you will regret later.
  • Pick your digital nomad path (a list of whopping 99 income ideas is included!).
  • Where you can build skills as a digital nomad, so you can get up and running as fast as possible.
  • How to create a project board to stay organized as a digital nomad.


Total value of all this amazing training: $5012

If all this did was... 

If all this program did was give you an extra income of $2000/mo on the side, wouldn't it be worth it?

If all this program did was allow you to quit your job and do your purpose full-time, wouldn't it be worth it?

 But today you can get started for only $897 $444!

The NFA Re-opening discount ends June 8th. Click the button to get started instantly!

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Amanda Matthew

"The new morning routine has really helped me with my productivity, I'm less overwhelmed with the work I'm doing and have more time to do the things I love, this was so helpful"

A Ridiculous 30-Day "Try It, Apply It" Money Back Guarantee

This program could change your life in a profound way. That's not hype, but based on past students who stayed in action.

You can expect to at least 10x your investment if you finish the program and follow all action steps and templates.

That's why I say "Screw It" to the industry-standard 7-day money back guarantee. Not 100% happy? I'll give you a 100% refund, no questions asked.

Top FAQs

More words from our clients

Lisa Ståhl

"Wow! I’m so grateful for Julia's coaching. She has a lot of knowledge in this area and I just told her my dream and she created a plan. Now I know exactly what to do in order to live my dream. Thanks, Julia!" 

Ellinor Isadeross Eklöf

“For several years I have been thinking about starting a digital business. But I found it very difficult.
Then I met Julia and realized that she has a lot of experience in the digital world. After one coaching call with her, I’ve already gained an understanding, overview and structure in how I can build my idea.”

There are 2 types of people...

Some people hate what they do for a living and complain their whole life about it. They hold onto the hope of retirement, when they will finally get some freedom.

 If they are still alive when retirement comes around, they are too old and weak to go on the adventures on their bucket list and die in regret.

It might sound a bit extreme, but that is the reality for most people, sadly.

Others notice they are not happy and then take action to create a business and life that sets their soul on fire and serves the world.

Which life path of these do YOU choose?

"It's time for you to come into your own. Don't hold back. You are the energy that create worlds."

- Abraham Hicks

Not sure if this is for you?

Nomad Freedom Academy is NOT for everybody and it's probably best you find out now than after you join and waste time. NFA is for you if:

  • You are tired of being stuck in a draining unfulfilling 9 to 5 job, and want to be able to work from home or as a digital nomad, doing what you love.
  • You want guidance stepping into your life purpose and creating your online business.
  • You are ready to take ACTION: Every lesson has homework to be done before you move on to the next, so you need to be ready for action.

  • You love the idea of creating content as part of your business (blog posts, Youtube videos, online courses etc)

 But today you can get started for only $897 $444!

The NFA Re-opening discount ends June 8th. Click the button to get started instantly!

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The NFA Re-Opening sale ends:









This can be your Youtube views soon if you follow our template:

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